It will be different

It’s tough.But it’s the truth!

It’s not easy at all laughing and making it like i’m having the time of my life.

Just because I miss lying in your arms,kissing you and letting you see how much you mean to me.

The way you looked at me(still doing this),the way you felt when you were near me.

You were happy I guess.

I’m sure I was happy,and I know that I had the time of my life.

In fact i’m still thinking of you the way  i did then.And hardly to seem the truth,I’m trying not to think about you,just that there were so many things that have been said after we broke up that keep me wondering if it’s right if I’m doing this.

You’re changing.Every day we hang out you are different.Every day you act different then the other day.

Today you were all over me,you talked to me and seemed to want me back.You looked so beautiful at me and you were so cute when you did this.You were hitting on me and flirting.

You listened to sad was kind of dedicated to me:) Anyway you were cute:)

Yesterday you went out..even if you din’t want  just so you can see me.

You’re cute when you’re doing this.

I know it sounds selfish,but I’m glad you’re hurting.Al least you know how it’s to be hurt.

You said you were gonna suffer for some random girl..that you will fall in love and after you’ll be hurt.

Seems that you’re not suffering for another’re suffering for me.

Just do the right thing.Talk to me.It will be different:)


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